11/08/2017 - 08:46

Travelling Can Tho

Summer is the best season to visit the Southwestern region of Vietnam. Especially, if you arrive in Can Tho during the annual Southern Traditional Cake Festival, you will not only enjoy delicious cuisines but also experience many cultural aspects of the orchard civilization.

Learn how to make cakes with local artisans

A tray including many kinds of sweet soup at Nguyen Dang dessert shop.

The Southern Traditional Cake Festival features almost 200 types of cakes from Southern provinces. Visitors can enjoy many kinds of unique cakes such as banh mang cau (custard apple-shaped cake), banh canh bot xat (homemade rice noodles) or banh it tran (glutinous rice cake filled with duck meat). Although the event only takes place during the Death Anniversary of Hung Kings, visitors can still enjoy a variety of delicious food at any time by attending cake making courses with artisans.

Here visitors are guided how to make banh xeo (rice pancake filled with shrimp, pork and soya bean sprouts), banh khot (mini pancake), banh canh bot xat (homemade rice noodles), banh tet (round glutinous rice cake), banh it (glutinous rice cake). In addition, they can discuss with artisans about cake making tips for better cookies. In Can Tho, people can attend cake making courses held at Son Islet (Area No.1, Bui Huu Nghia Ward, Binh Thuy District), Ut Hien Homestay (Area No.4, Ba Lang Ward, Cai Rang District), 9 Hong Orchard (My Nhon Hamlet, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District), Ut Dzach Garden (Nhon Binh Hamlet, Nhon Ai Commune, Phong Dien District), Vu Binh Eco Garden (Muong Dieu T-Junction, Nhon Nghia Commune, Phong Dien District).

Practice farming

Visitors enjoy catching fish at The Manor of Bao Gia.

Many tourists love to explore and practice farming during their trips to Can Tho. They are delighted with rural activities such as draining ditches to catch fish, and so on.

Peaceful scenery with orchards and rustic lifestyle of local residents make visitors feel like they are returning home, catching fish in ditches, diving or having a good time with family and friends. The fish caught will be cooked on the spot: grilled snakehead fish, grilled snails, sour soup, braised fish in clay pot. Beside these activities, visitors to Can Tho also like to swim in river, or  try Southern style mud bathing.

Some attractive tourist sites in Can Tho are The Manor of Bao Gia (Phu Quoi Area, Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District), Vam Xang Orchard (Phong Dien Town), Lung Cot Cau Tourism Site (Nhon Thanh Village, Nhon Nghia Ward, Phong Dien District), Son Islet, Ut Hien Homestay, Xeo Nhum Eco Garden (Hong Loan Residential Area, Hung Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District). These are good places for visitors to experience daily activities of local residents.

Enjoying unique cuisines

Local cuisines are always attractive to tourists. Visiting Can Tho, people will be delighted with hundred kinds of dishes including vegetarian recipes at De Tham (Hue Vien) “eating street”. Besides, people can see seafood restaurants on Dinh Tien Hoang Street or enjoy braised duck in fermented tofu at several restaurants such as Thanh Giao, Co Minh, Cam Tu on alley 1, Ly Tu Trong Street. Other well-known restaurants like Ba Tu broken rice, Huynh Chau beef noodles, Hau Ky noodles, Vien Lac noodles are located on the streets of Phan Dinh Phung and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

Those who want to enjoy specialities of the Southwestern region cannot afford to miss Riverside Food (Cach Mang Thang Tam Street), Nhi Eatery (O Mon District); or restaurants on Tran Van Hoai and Vo Van Kiet streets. If you like junk-food, you can go to Le Loi Street (also known as Hang Duong Street), Tran Van Kheo Street, three-light corner at Ninh Kieu Quay or Tran Phu Night Market. In addition, visitors can stroll along Ninh Kieu Quay to enjoy food from street vendors or buy souvenirs.

AI LAM (Translated by MAI QUYEN)